Software Engineer Internship

Job Description

Software Development at Danske Commodities 

Danske Commodities (DC) is an energy trading company that specialises in short-term power and gas trading and offers balancing, optimisation and hedging services to energy producers and suppliers. Every day, we complete more than 15,000 trades across 39 countries, constantly moving energy from where there is more than needed to where it is needed most. You will join a team of 42 skilled software developers with a passion for their craft. We are a laid-back and curious group that eagerly seeks out new technologies, practices and methodologies to incorporate into our daily work. Our culture is informal and learning-based – here, you will get the opportunity to leverage your existing skill set and add new competencies along the way.  

As software developers at DC, we develop systems for our own business domains and then actually see them used to make a difference. Not only that, but we are usually seated right next to our trading colleagues and frequently discuss about how to improve the software to maximise added value. The satisfaction from this cooperation, impacting and experiencing the full lifecycle of our code is hard to describe. You owe it to yourself to experience the atmosphere! 

Are you our new software engineer intern? 

We are looking for the software talents of tomorrow to join us on our tech-driven journey. We imagine that you are curious by nature and are ready to take on the challenge to keep learning. We will make certain that you are teamed up with experienced and gifted software developers who are passionate about building the best software solutions for our energy trading business.