Database Engineer

Job Description

At Jump Trading, solving hard problems with cutting edge technology is our business. Jump relies heavily on open source solutions in our large and distributed global infrastructure that includes several large high performance computing environments, a large low latency trading infrastructure and significant supporting infrastructure. We are looking for a Database Engineer to add to our team in Singapore or Sydney.

Examples of Database projects currently in progress include a petabyte scale data warehouse project based on ClickHouse, heterogeneous replication and scaling a small MySQL cluster that at peak times returns >100GiB/sec of data to thousands of clients. At Jump, database engineers "own" many parts of the stack, including embedding with trading and other teams.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about open source database technology, with experience in more than one (for example MySQL, Postgres, ClickHouse, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Kafka, …). The candidate will have a good ability to automate (using a language such as Python or Go) and understand the full database system when deployed on Linux. Experience managing ETL pipelines and managing petabyte scale data warehouses is valuable, but not mandatory.

What You’ll Do:

  • Work on and lead major projects involving a mix of database technology.
    Some example projects in flight are listed above. In general these projects span database engineering (e.g. deploying, scaling or managing database infrastructure) and working with other teams to solve business problems (for example schema design, data architecture planning, technology selection)
  • Be part of a global “on-call” schedule for database technology.
  • Develop automation to minimize operational toil, in accordance with SRE principles.
  • Other duties as assigned or needed

Skills You’ll Need:

  • At least 5+ years of experience working with open source database, solving challenging business problems with cutting edge technology.
  • Comfort using a programming language for automation tasks (Python, Go, etc.)
  • Comfort using the Linux shell to understand and troubleshoot an overall system
  • Proficiency with SQL
  • Reliable and predictable availability 

Bonus Points:

  • Experience working on petabyte scale data warehouses and distributed database systems
  • Industry experience in finance/trading, particularly supporting post-trade processing systems
  • Python, pandas, etc.
  • DevOps / SRE mindset
  • Kafka experience
  • Database Replication
  • ETL pipeline experience
  • Jenkins
  • Knowledge of Splunk