272 – Trader

Job Description



Optiver Services US LLC seeks a Trader at its facility located at 130 E Randolph Street, Suite 1400, Chicago, Illinois 60601. Provide prices and liquidity to global electronic trading platforms. Manage risk of diversified portfolio of financial instruments. Improve current electronic trading algorithms, optimize and automate trading processes within a framework of sound risk management. Develop algorithms and use the software to adjust prices, monitor positions and make trades. Responsible for improving profitability of existing strategies and developing new strategies. Will run multiple strategies. Responsible for conducting research for the purpose of modeling and forecasting Equity prices and volatilities. Use large historical data sets to build frameworks and models to test theoretical discussions. Determine efficient methods to store and analyze high volume data and develop tools to evaluate a large volume of market data to help improve trading strategies performance. Run the trading desk strategy by directing the adjustment of parameters of trading algorithms and making trading decisions within the framework of the desks' trading strategy. Recommend investments and investment timing. Analyze pricing or risks of trading decisions. Guide team members to optimize the parameterization of trading strategies. Build and enhance market prediction models for portfolios utilizing quantitative problem solving and advanced statistical techniques. Apply mathematical theory and techniques to create and improve upon trading models that will be used for analysis and trading. Leverage models and data to take profitable trading positions in financial instruments. Manage an unbalanced inventory of derivatives positions and will rebalance and unwind at opportune times. Collaborate with Developers and Data Scientists to drive model development and implementation.

REQS: This position requires a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering, Finance, Statistics, or related field and 2 years of work experience in market making and quantitative modelling within the financial trading industry. Also must have work experience with:

(1). Financial markets/products including equities, futures, options and interest rates products;

(2). Financial products pricing models, including futures pricing model, black-scholes options pricing model, volatility models, and interest rate models;

(3). Mathematical/statistical models, including time series analysis, regression analysis, stochastic calculus analysis, machine learning;

(4). Portfolio risk management models;

(5). Programming skills in python, database query and linux;

(6). Bloomberg to download data, research and processes to make trading decisions;

(7). Python for statistical analysis;

(8). Developing trading strategies with demonstrated and proven PNL track record OR PNL track record of improvement with demonstrated PNL increase;

(9). Automating trading tasks and implementing trading strategies; and

(10). Performing Stochastic (Calculus) analysis for variance volatility.

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