Trading Experience for Women - Summer 2022 Internship

Job Description

PEAK6 Trading Experience for Women – 2022 Internship

PEAK6 has taken their passion for the markets and developed a unique trading experience designed to introduce women to the trading industry. Our Trading Experience is designed to encourage smart, ambitious, collaborative women to break the mold.  We’ve heard all the myths about trading—too cutthroat, too intense, too risky—but that’s not the case at PEAK6. Investing in women is a winning trade, and there are not enough female traders in the field yet. We are changing that.

Our Trading Experience will introduce you to the basics of trading, help you see how empowering trading can be, and help you develop key skills that you’ll leverage in any industry. You will experience a fast paced, risk-seeking environment where you will trade based on instant news (even using Twitter and TikTok to help form ideas!). What better way to give you the knowledge and exposure of being a trader than for you to experience it yourself. No prior knowledge or experience? No problem. In fact, it’s welcome. 

You can expect the Trading Experience to include:

  • Working on an impactful project from concept to delivery, and presenting your work to senior leadership, end users, and stakeholders of the organization
  • Skill development in learning how to take calculated risks with by executing trades and playing various risk-taking games
  • Watching the markets and forming opinions based on current news
  • Weekly poker sessions hosted by traders to tie in trading concepts
  • Comprehensive mentorship and feedback process that includes dedicated 1:1 mentors, scheduled feedback cycles, and weekly 360-degree feedback of the program
  • Learning advanced option theory and the basics of volatility trading
  • Collaborating with, learning from, and articulating your ideas and strategies to senior trading partners, team members, and supporting departments
  • Rotating with and pitching trade ideas to traders
  • Exposure to other PEAK6 business lines and ventures to enhance career perspective.
  • Multiple opportunities to hear and learn from influential women in the FinTech space, including some of our own employees and leaders
  • Defined experience timeline and structured program, from start to finish to ensure a maximum experience
  • Company sponsored events including social, team-building, and experiential programs.

You will gain loads of experience in our Trading Experience, but before you do you should have:

  • Junior standing (graduating between December 2022 – June 2023) 
  • Curiosity to learn and driven to improve
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Ability to thrive in collaborative environments
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills