Virtu Summer Internship, 2023 UK

Virtu is a leading provider of financial services and products that leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver liquidity to the global markets and innovative, transparent trading solutions to its clients. Leveraging its global market making expertise and infrastructure, Virtu provides a robust product suite including offerings in execution, liquidity sourcing, analytics and broker-neutral, multi-dealer platforms in workflow technology. Virtu’s product offerings allow clients to trade on hundreds of venues across 50+ countries and in multiple asset classes, including global equities, ETFs, foreign exchange, futures, fixed income and a myriad of other commodities. In addition, Virtu’s integrated, multi-asset analytics platform provides a range of pre and post-trade services, data products and compliance tools that clients rely upon to invest, trade and manage risk across global markets. 


Come to Virtu, where a global community of individuals gathers and use transparency and technology to pave the way towards more efficient global capital markets.   

Outsiders can sometimes have a hard time defining what Virtu is and we are ok with that, we have never cared much for labels. We apply our unique brand of problem solving and technologies to the entire trade lifecycle. This can mean that we are many things to many people, such as a global market maker but also an execution services provider. We also offer a vast array of solutions that span the electronic trading gamut from execution algos, to trade analytics and big data capabilities to workflow technologies to liquidity venues and much more. 

While we turn complex challenges into simple and efficient solutions, we have never lost sight of what is essentially Virtu, that we work and play as one team. We believe that supporting and having fun with each other across business lines and geographies helps spark inspiration and creative problem-solving that propels our firm forward. Guided by a culture of integrity, collaboration, excellence, commitment and simplicity we want you to do more than join our company, we expect you to leave your mark. 

Summer Internship 2023

Virtu Financial (Virtu) is a collective of individuals who don't think like anyone else, who powerfully come together and form a global financial technology firm like no other. Our summer internship is an interactive program designed to fully immerse candidates in the day-to-day activities of participating teams within the firm. The goal is to help undergraduates discover the range of career opportunities in the financial services industry.

  • Intern orientation will cover Virtu’s culture, history, values, benefits and the responsibilities of being a professional team member
  • Interns will receive program training designed to immerse them in the firm’s daily activities and team-specific instruction to help them succeed
  • Participants will put their skills to work alongside other interns and Virtu professionals
  • Network with various Virtu professionals via internal culture-building events
  • Have access to Virtu’s library of product and services webinars, Virtu U’s and attend internal product demonstrations
  • Location: London, UK (onsite)
  • Dates: 10 week program, starting 26 June 2023 -  8 September, 2023
  • Training: Ongoing training throughout the summer
  • Projects: Interns will be assigned to a team within Virtu where they will work collaboratively to address day-to-day challenges and/or implement specific projects. Senior members from Virtu's sales, coverage, trading, quant and development teams will provide guidance and mentorship.


Virtu is looking for top performers. Whether you’re a coding whiz or a master of Shakespeare, we would like to meet you!

  • Applicants currently pursuing a college or university degree. No finance background is necessary
  • Excellent academic background. All subjects welcome but computer science, math, physics, statistics and related fields are preferred
  • You possess quantitative problem‐solving and mathematical aptitude
  • Programming experience is a plus (Python, SQL, Java or C++)
  • Language skills (French, Italian, German etc) is a plus

Beyond your education, we look for


Communication Skills


•  Desire to learn more about our products and services and how they are used

•  Re-conceptualize issues to discover new solutions

•  Possess a willingness to contribute ideas outside of your area of specialty

•   Welcome alternate perspective

•    Share information openly, broadly and deliberately

•    You thrive on change and can challenge current assumptions in favor of better approaches

•    Provide candid, helpful feedback regarding what is best for Virtu

•    Good at using data to support your intuition


•     Think strategically and can articulate your actions (the why and why-not)

•     Take smart risks and are open to possible failure

•     Keep Virtu agile by mitigating complexity in favor of simplicity

•      You identify root causes and go beyond treating the symptoms


After applicants pass an initial resume screening, select applicants will receive an online aptitude test and may also receive a programming skills test. These will be sent from a third-party evaluation service via email. Please be sure to monitor your email inbox. Following that, successful candidates will be contacted for interviews. 

Closing Date: Friday 3rd December

Virtu Financial is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, welcoming you for who you are and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status.