Software Development Internship, Summer 2023

Akuna Capital is an options market maker.

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Unfortunately Akuna Capital has archived this job posting, they are no longer accepting applications.

Software Development Internship, Summer 2023

What you’ll do as a Software Development Intern at Akuna:

We are seeking Development Interns to join our innovative and growing technology team for our 10-week Akunacademy summer internship program. In this role you will work alongside our trading and software teams to design and implement elegant solutions to complex and interesting problems. Akuna loves Development interns who are self-starters and have the ability to problem solve and think outside of the box. We value innovation and hard work, and want you to make an impact in the firm. We offer a team-based approach to trading and software engineering, believing that productive integration of the two groups is vital for success in this industry. 

Our Software Development team use cutting-edge technology while working on high performance/low latency systems. Whether you are interested in trading infrastructure, algorithms, exchange gateways, performance engineering, hardware, or data capture and analysis, there’s work to be done. If you are excited to jump in and make a difference, Akuna could be the place for you!

Our development teams use a combination of Python and C++, and we will expect you to become familiar with one or both of these languages while working at Akuna. However, please feel free to apply even if you don’t have previous experience with these languages. We’re looking for solid computer science fundamentals and algorithmic problem solving ability, so you should interview in a language that you’re familiar with.

As a Software Development Intern at Akuna you could work across multiple teams and projects, some of the main areas are highlighted below:

Gateways and Execution

The team is responsible for developing robust and low-latency exchange connectivity and trade execution infrastructure and platform as well as data engineering to store and maintain our daily trading data for all Akuna users.

FPGA Software

The team is responsible for creating cutting-edge technologies for race in High Frequency Trading frontier. We are building world class low latency trading systems and aiming for picking the apples before anyone else in the world.


The team is responsible for keeping the APAC trading works fluently, including releasing features to production, swift production issue investigation, improving trading system robustness etc. We also keep improving Akuna's awesome quoting strategy and delta hedging strategy.

Trading Services

The team works closely with Quant team in the fields of modelling and calculating theoretical prices and risks for different types of financial instruments. We also build tools to automate complex decisions and manage different types of risks.

Crypto Options/Testing infrastructure

The team develop and maintain testing infrastructures in Akuna. In addition, we help traders access various crypto option markets and develop tools to improve performance.

D1 and Warrant

The team works closely with the desk dealing with real-world engineering challenges across all markets and instruments that the desk trades. Some of the major responsibilities of the team involve developing and maintaining various strategies and improving the trading engine so we always have the best class execution quality.

Training: As Financial background is not required, you will begin your career with our Junior Developer Training Program. This program will teach you everything you need to know about the trading industry, financial theories, and option market making in addition to technical trainings. You will have lectures, workshops and intensive sessions to develop your coding skills, learn about our systems and build your technical skills. 

Qualities that make great candidates:

  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics or related fields
  • Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Ability to communicate with the team in a clean and concise way
  • Passion for technology innovation and building systems from the ground up
  • Must be graduating by Aug 2024 or prior
  • Willing to learn and put into practical use of C++ programming in daily work
  • Willing to prepare and take English technical interviews

Please note: If you apply to multiple roles, you may be asked to complete multiple coding challenges and interviews. 


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