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Mental Math Tests


  • The answer can be in form of an integer, decimal e.g. 2.3 or fraction e.g. -3/4.
  • An answer in the form of a fraction has to be the irreducible form. 1/3 could be correct answer, but 2/6 will not be accepted. Similarly, for a decimal e.g. answer like 0.25 (instead of 1/4) is fine. 0.3333333 (instead of 1/3) is not.
  • Each test has a time limit. After the time is up, your answers will be automatically submitted.
  • A correct answer gives you +1, no answer 0 and a wrong answer -1.
  • You can submit your answer for any given equation by hitting enter, the answer is saved but before finishing the test you can come back and change it again.
  • If you submit an invalid answer (e.g. a/2), your response will be marked as invalid. You can always go back and forth between questions by pressing the Ctrl + LeftArrowKey and Ctrl + RightArrowKey respectively.