Mental Math Tests


You can submit your answer for any given equation by hitting enter, the answer is saved but before finishing the test you can come back and change it again. The answer can be in form of an integer, decimal e.g. 2.3 or fraction e.g. 3/4. An answer in the form of a fraction has to be in irreducible format. E.g. 1/3 is a potentially correct answer, but 2/6 will not be accepted. Similarly you can response in form of a decimal, if the decimal is in a finite form - 0.25 (as in 1/4) is fine, 0.3333333 (as in 1/3) is not. You can move to previous/next equation by hitting the Ctrl + LeftArrowKey and Ctrl + RightArrowKey arrows keys. Each test has a specific time limit. After the time is up, your anwsers will be automatically submitted. Each correct anwser is +1, no answer 0, wrong answer -1.

If you save an invalid answer (i.e. containing letters) to an equation, your response will be marked as invalid.

Valid input: Only numbers, minus sign - in negative results, / in fractions (i.e. 1/2) and decimal separators (.) - (i.e. 2x is not valid, whereas 1/2 or 1.321 are)