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Security Analyst

Jane Street Capital is a global proprietary trading firm.

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Security Analyst

About the Position

We're looking to add a full-time, passionate security operations center (SOC) analyst to our New York office who wants to help our efforts to protect Jane Street’s employees, data, and infrastructure from the wilds of the internet. Our SOC analysts are responsible for developing and using monitoring tools to guard the firm, as well as incident response and remediation when a threat is found. We’re looking for candidates who have a strong technical foundation, are analytical and thorough in their approach to problem solving, can adapt to changing scenarios, and make challenging decisions under pressure. Strong scripting is a minimum, programming a plus.

About You

  • Tapped into cybersecurity developments - You follow cybersecurity news and developments, but can tell the difference between the latest cool hack by security researchers and what actually matters in your day-to-day.
  • Programming and surrounding practices - You have the ability to write scripts that are clear, general, and could be integrated into existing tooling using a fully-featured programming language. You have the ability and desire to manage your code and configs in version control, and knowledge of your editor (we don't care which though).
  • Measured response - Not everyone should be locking their entire lives down in the name of security, and the company cannot afford to completely lock down for every security event. You can discuss tradeoffs when it comes to cybersecurity, think about context, and understand what threat modeling is. You know when you don't know a solution, feel comfortable asking questions, and can clearly communicate your understanding of tradeoffs to stakeholders.
  • Cybersecurity hygiene - You understand and practice good personal cybersecurity hygiene, and can talk to others about it. For example, you know what a password manager is, and either use one or have something which you can reasonably argue is better and can walk someone through the tradeoffs you've made. Seriously, we're going to ask you about this sort of thing during the interview process.
  • Curious problem solver - you have a methodical approach to solving puzzles and want to apply that to performing unstructured investigations to locate and repair the source of a security issue.
  • A positive and collaborative attitude - You understand that a key component of cybersecurity is bringing others along with you on the journey, and are excited to learn from your colleagues and pass that learning on to new analysts.
  • B.S. in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or equivalent experience preferred.


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