FPGA Developer

Tower Research Capital LLC, a high-frequency proprietary trading firm founded in 1998, seeks an expert FPGA Developer to join our Trading Platforms team.

The Trading Platforms division is responsible for developing, improving, and governing platforms through which trading teams access markets, and facilitating Risk Technology’s control of market access and trading.


  • Collaborating with software developers across divisions to architect low-latency connections to financial exchanges around the world
  • Building advanced Ethernet-based communication stacks direct from chip to SFP
  • Integrating network stacks to connect to various financial exchanges
  • Creating custom logic to manage a constant inflow of data, which will need to be parsed, processed, and passed to the user space in the most efficient manner possible
  • Identifying bottlenecks and measuring latency using logic scopes
  • Working closely with software developers to develop an optimal interface between FPGA hardware and user space software


  • A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, or equivalent professional experience
  • At least 5 to 10  years of experience with FPGA development
  • Verilog or System Verilog programming
  • ASIC development via VHDL or Verilog experience will qualify for the position
  • C or C++ programming
  • Expert-level knowledge of FPGA products (Xilinx preferred), development tools, and related simulators
  • Experience with Ethernet protocols, pci-e, and/or switching and routing in network equipment, parsing and traffic shaping.
  • Verification skills using cocotb, formal verification and UVM recommended
  • Experience in FPGA design flow including synthesis, place & route, static timing analysis.
  • A strong understanding of network PHY interfacing
  • Experience using Logic Scope for wire-to-wire analysis and performance measurement
  • Integration experience with independent third-party cores
  • Able to design and develop signal processing cores from system and architectural requirements
  • Ability to document design and interface specifications

Additional Qualifications (preferred)

  • Experience in Linux environment is a plus
  • Experience with intel x86 is a plus
  • Writing kernel drivers for FPGA a plus
  • A strong background in mathematics (preferred)
  • A demonstrated background in 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 40Gbps network interfaces (preferred)
  • An understanding of various network hardware techniques, such as store and forward (preferred)
  • Experience with collaborating in a global team environment across regions and time zones (plus)
  • Previous work experience at a high-frequency trading firm (preferred)


Tower continues to enhance the in-house trading system and strategies that have positioned the firm as a leader in the thriving field of quantitative trading. While Tower offers challenges and rewards rivaling those of any Wall Street firm, Tower’s cubicle-free workplace, jeans-clad workforce, and well-stocked kitchens reflect the premium the firm places on quality of life.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation per year
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a daily basis
  • International medical insurance
  • Free gym membership
  • For employees ineligible to participate in the CPF, the cash equivalent of the employer’s CPF contribution

Tower Research Capital is an equal opportunity employer.